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No Anger Zone
No Anger Zone

No Anger Zone

Tangerine and Carrot cut through spite, while Lavender and Yarrow shave the bitter edge off your pain. Copaiba calms inflamed passions whilst Marjoram comforts and stills. A soft and nurturing blend.

Think how easily a morning can spiral down into a bad day if you just get angry with spilling your hot coffee on your shirt or sitting in rage-inducing traffic on your commute—there are plenty of things that have the potential to set off anger in the morning. You may take a deep breath and dive into work, assuming those negative emotions were left behind, but research shows that residual anger can guide our decision-making long after we’ve been provoked. If and when situations like these arise, NO ANGER ZONE blend will ease the edge off and gradually get you back to the present feeling anger-free. You can diffuse a few drops in the diffuser or just add a few drops on your diffuser bracelet and just breathe.


Contains 100% pure, undiluted essential oils of Tangerine (Citrus Reticulata, Argentina), Carrot (Daucus Carrota, India), Marjoram (Marjorana Hortensis, Egypt), Geranium (Pelargonium Graveolens, Egypt), Copaiba (Copaifera Langsdorffii, Brazil), Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia, Bulgaria), Yarrow (Achille Millefolium, Hungary)


Aromatic use: Add 10-15 drops to nebulizer/diffuser. Apply several drops to diffuser jewelry or lava rocks
Topical use: Dilute 3 drops of blend into 1 tbs of vegetable oil or 5 drops into a warm bath