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Cosmic Lullaby
Cosmic Lullaby


Cosmic Lullaby

Cosmic Lullaby Diffuser Bracelet is your 'go-to' hand piece when you seek to add to your arsenal of natural tranquilizers and mind openers.

The Amethyst balances mood swings, fear and anxiety, soothes irritability and dispels anger. It dissolves negativity and activates spiritual awareness.  

The Rose Quartz promotes healing from inside out and helps enhance love of all kinds, including kindness for yourself, loved ones, and all living things. Its high frequencies will bring your consciousness to a higher level. 

The Cosmic Lullaby Bracelet has 4 Amethyst beads and 4 Rose Quartz beads combined with light wood beads that retain essential oil for up to 12 hours. The selections of 8 stones is symbolic of the infinity that the number 8 represents. Eight is seen as balancer (hence its shape) that unites conscious with the unconscious.