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Wrapping up a challenging year

For some, it is the time to draft new year's resolutions. For others, it is the time to contemplate over what has been a challenging year when a lot of things did not quite happen as we planned. 


There has been loss, fear, and change like we have never seen before. While it is certainly easy to pick out all of the negative things that have come out of the year, I would like to take the opportunity to end it with gratitude. 


During this last week of the year, I like to take the time to write a letter to myself. Nothing too intense, just something to remind myself of all the ups and down, goals and unexpected surprises of the past year and the lessons from all that we were through in 2021.


It is the time to be real with ourselves, not judgemental, but gentle to ourselves. We have been through another year full of uncertainties, paradigm shifts. But people did come together stronger, more united, more appreciative of the little delights in life.


Do you wrap up the year feeling more vulnerable (and that is perfectly ok) or stronger?


Have you been able to share the wisdom that is asking to be unearthed from within? Sometimes that means being different from the others.


What epiphanies and break-throughs did you have?


What excited you?


What made you truly sad? 


How has all of that made you more grateful?


Much love, 





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