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Menstruating in time with the full moon

This time around the full moon really gave me some hard time and some invaluable guidance.

Every now and then I feel the full moon disturb my sleep and I am ready to snap at everyone and everything.

In fact, I am such a moon lover that living on the east coast, I will be the first lined to watch the full moon rise and admire its perfection from my window all evening. I am always in awe with her beauty. Even though we see only one face of her, every time she is dressed in new nuance, she is exciting and somewhat mysterious. If only she knew how much I am a lunatic lover.


This time my period coincided with the full moon, literally the first three, heaviest days of my period were right on the three full moon days. And while I know that women have a very powerful spiritual connection with the moon, I was just swept away with palpitations on and off and extremely low blood pressure leaving me incapable of doing anything without having to take a break every hour. To the point that I made a cardiologist appointment to make sure something isn’t wrong.

The moon is the symbol of the goddess, and so of feminine magic. But how do I interpret what actually happened this time? In the past when my period and full moon coincided I felt more tension and explosiveness. This time my body was trying to tell me something.

I think it was time to reconsider my role as a woman, my female purpose. Am I serving myself and those around me best when I constantly exhibit ‘I can do it myself’ mentality? We, women, are getting more and more masculine in today’s society. Especially in Western societies. Many other countries still adhere to traditional gender roles. The balance has been thrown off a bit by the vast changes in our society.

So today is Feb 1 and I am making a commitment. To learn how to balance my ambitious, masculine side with softness and receptive energy of femininity. It's the shift in feminine energy from the masculine 'doing' energy to the feminine 'being' energy. When we are in this 'being' energy, we are in receptive mode and can allow life itself, to fill us up.

Let’s focus on reconnecting with our femininity which is the key to restoring the balance that is missing today from so many women’s lives.

The full moon gave me a sign. Now I understand why people say we will be well-served to turn inward and listen to the voice in our head if we're menstruating in time with the full moon.


My Terroma moment 

During these couple of days when my emotional imbalance totally got control over my physical well-being I was diffusing INNER BALANCE blend intermittently all day and when I was having hard palpitations I would apply Lavender Essential oil on my temples and breathe. It was magical how quickly the heart pounding was replaced with steady heart rhythm. But I had to resort to Lavender essential oil quite a few times during the three days of full moon.



Diyana G, founder of Terroma and constant seeker of truth

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