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Nurturing Wellness

“Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean me first, it means me too.” ~ L.R. Knost 


My name is Kelley Grimes and I am a counselor, speaker, wellness advocate, self-nurturing expert, founder of Cultivating Peace and Joy, and author of the bestselling book, The Art of Self-Nurturing: A Field Guide To Living With More Peace, Joy and Meaning.


I have been on a journey of uncovering empowering wellness practices for over three decades. Since I was a child, I have been drawn to nature for healing and finding practical strategies to nurture my mind, body and spirit. Raising a daughter with chronic health challenges for over twenty years has taught me so much about the importance of self-nurturing both for the caregiver and those being cared for. The lessons I have learned on this journey have been life changing and I have seen the transformative impact in my own life, my family’s life, and in the lives of my clients as we have learned to nurture ourselves deeply. 


And indeed, we have had to learn to nurture ourselves because many of us have been taught to care for everyone else in our lives except ourselves. As a result, we may think it is selfish to take time for ourselves and feel guilty when we do. This has led to our practice of over giving and then feeling burned out, resentful, and unappreciated. Our habit of self-neglect has also resulted in feeling chronically overwhelmed, exhausted, and stressed out, which has negatively impacted our physical and mental health and our emotional wellbeing. Add to that all the ongoing stress in the world and you can see how unsustainable this model has become. 


That is why I am so grateful that we can intentionally nurture our wellness by learning to nurture ourselves. The practice of self-nurturing is not about being perfect or completing another thing on your “to do” list, but rather nurturing a relationship with yourself. Learning to treat yourself like you would a dear friend is one of the greatest gifts of self-nurturing. Rather than living from obligation and overwhelm, you will learn to cultivate a life filled with self-compassion and self-love. You will learn to recognize what is nurturing to you in any given moment and allow your practice to evolve accordingly. And what is amazing about self-nurturing is that the more you nurture yourself, the more you value yourself and the more you value yourself, the more you prioritize time to nurture yourself, creating a beautiful self-sustaining cycle.  


To be of greatest service in the world and live a life filled with peace, joy, vibrant health, and well-being, we must come from a filled-up place. When we understand this powerful truth, nurturing ourselves becomes essential to nurturing others. Imagine how different your life could be giving from the overflow in your saucer, rather than the last drops in your cup. This is a journey back home to yourself that embraces your individual preferences, provides opportunities to learn about yourself, and express your authenticity and creativity! 


I am honored to be joining Terroma as a wellness advocate as my passion is to empower people to live with more peace, joy, meaning, and well-being and this is reflected in Terroma mission statement and beautiful products. On my journey of uncovering empowering wellness practices and products for over three decades, essential oils have become an important part of my self-nurturing practice. I look forward to sharing more self-nurturing strategies with you including mindfulness, self-compassion, self-awareness, taking inspired action, cultivating resilience, acknowledging yourself, gratitude practice, and more. If you would like to learn more about me, please visit, 

May you feel empowered to nurture your wellness, as you cultivate peace in the world from the inside out! 


Sending you peace, love and gratitude!



Terroma self-nurturing moment is to add a couple of drops of Inner Balance blend in the morning in your diffuser followed by a cup of tea or coffee while you let yourself set intentions for the day ahead. In the evening diffuse Ease & Peace blend to unwind and prepare for a restful evening. 

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