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Time for Hygge

Hygge is a Danish word. It roughly translates into English as ‘cosiness’and originates from the Norwegian word for ‘wellbeing'. It is believed to be loosely connected to the English word ‘hug’. In essence, hygge means creating a homely, warm atmosphere and enjoying the simple things in life with good-hearted people around us.

Technology and hectic schedules can leave us feeling constantly ‘switched on’. Hygge is about switching off, celebrating the little things and enjoying the serenity of the present moment.


Hygge is an abstract concept to describe. It could be the absence of anything distracting, irritating or emotionally draining, and the presence of gentle, soothing and comforting things. Some of the most common examples include candlelight, snuggling under a blanket, enjoying a hot drink, looking through a family photo album or watching a film by the fire. Hygge works best when you’re in a small yet cosy space, as the idea is to relax and feel as snug as possible, forgetting life’s worries. It’s about togetherness, relaxation, indulgence, warmth and comfort.

During the cold winter months, it can be especially important to be kind to yourself and not to deny yourself the little things that make you happy. Hygge, by its very nature, is the perfect tool to battle winter blues. When the weather is frightful, it is especially important to embrace proactive and preventative interventions that can bring warmth, comfort and simple pleasures to our lives when we need it the most. Hygge also promotes the separation of material wealth and wellbeing. So light up those candles and let the hot cocoa aroma fill the room.

Some of Terroma’s tips for practicing Hygge:

~ Getting cosy under a duvet or by the fire
~ Enjoy feel-good, comfort food
~ Enjoy a hot bath with Epsom salt and 10 drops of Terroma Meditation Blend
~ Wear your favorite PJ all day long 
~ Drink hot herbal tea with a drop of Terroma organic lavender oil for soothing after a long day
~ Cook your favorite sweet recipe and invite neighbors for coffee

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